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Nilesat 7. Occasional Feeds, data or inactive frequency High Definition. Displays a screenshot. LIVE video broadcasts. Nilesat Primary education channel. ERI TV. Beladi Satellite Channel. Al Forat.

Nile Family and Kids. Space Toon 1. CNBC Arabiyah. Last updated. Al Mehwer TV. Nile News. Nile Comedy. Nile Life. Nile Drama. Nile Sports. Nile Culture. Nile Cinema.

etv frequency nilesat 2018

Dream 2. OSN Box Office 2. OSN Box Office 3. TFC Middle-East. Fuel TV. Cinema One. Viva Channel. Kapatid TV5. Aksyon TV International. Hum TV.

Frequency 11355 V Nilesat Nuuralhudaa TV 2018

Geo TV. Baby TV. VH-1 Video Hits One. TV5 Monde Maghreb Orient.High Definition. Displays a screenshot. LIVE video broadcasts. Zarok TV. Safa TV. Cairo Drama. Cairo Cinema. Tunisia Nat 2. Tunisia Nat 1. Sudan TV. Al Amaken Satellite Channel. Last updated. Aghapy TV. Libya Ahrar HD Not permanent. Coptic TV. Bethel Television. Al Rahma TV. Afaq TV. Rusiya Al-Yaum.

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Cinema 1. Echorouk TV. Beur TV. Al Mustakillah TV. Al Shams Satellite Channel. ERTU 3. ERTU 4. ERTU 5. ERTU 6. ERTU 7. ERTU 8.March update: Nilesat and satellites have bought been decommissioned since The current Nilesat satellite is the You should read about that instead. I had the opportunity to visit Zaria, a town in Northern Nigeria, on my recent trip to that country.

I was pleasantly surprised to have observed so many satellite dishes as I was being driven into the city. In a few minutes after my arrival, I was switching through the channels on the satellite receiver; over of them. Nilesat is an Egyptian company, and the name of a series of Egyptian communications satellites. Nilesat operates multiple geosynchronous communications satellites all of which are stationed at 7 degrees West. Content include: news, movies, talk shows, reality shows, sports and everything else you can imagine on a satellite tv service.

Nilesat currently operates two satellites: Nilesat and Nilesat I flipped through over channels which were mostly Arabic channels with some having English subtitles. I even saw a channel from Chad Republic. Were these good enough to watch?

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Yes they were most especially because viewing the channels was absolutely free-of-charge. You pay no monthly subscription so long you have a satellite dish big enough to capture the signals from space. There is a catch: you have to be within the geographic footprint of the NileSat satellites.

Satellite Frequency in Ethiopia

As you can see from the map to your left, Nigeria is not exactly within the red lines. Thus, those in northern Nigeria need a bigger dish to be able to capture the signals.

Despite the big dishes used in Zaria, some of the TV channels still cracked since the signal strength was low. This means only those at the extremely northern part of West Africa have access to the NileSat services.

I have the dstv decoder,Any luck watching free channels in south africa and kenya except supreme FTA?The first and most obvious thing would be to purchase a TV capable of the connection with a reciever. The recievers vary in price, brand, and quality. The LG HD model is said to be one of the better ones. The price for this model ranges from about to ETB.

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After the purchase of your TV and reciever, you must call a professional installer. They are the ones who will affix the satellite dish in an unmovable location and also program the reciever's satellite frequencies. Most people just have the professionals deliver the dish, the head, and the wires themselves.

The cost of this, including installation should be in the range of to ETB. You can contact the following people for installation, etc. Ethiopian public television channel. Broadcast from the United States. Dramas, soap operas and lifestyle programs. Music programs also. Mostly news programs and documentaries. News, Documentries, Music, mostly. Shows, movies, music, news, etc. Mostly news programs and the language is Amharic.

Mostly news programs, music, and documentaries. Mostly music and different programs.

etv frequency nilesat 2018

A TV channel from Ogaden, Ethiopia. It is broadcast from the Sudan. The language is in Amharic. Christian television channel. The language is Amharic. It is broadcast from the United States.

News television channel targeting the Oromo people in Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa region and diaspora. It is a religous channel for Christians. Christian religous channel for Oromos. Language is in Tigrean. It represents the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. The language is Oromiffa or also called Oromigna.

Full Name:. Satellite Frequency in Ethiopia Technology. Email Address:. Satellite Frequency in Ethiopia. Jobs in Ethiopia.A1 Jordan. Aaj Tak. ABP News. Abu Dhabi TV. AD Nat Geo. AD Sport 1 HD. AD Sport 2. AD Sport 2 HD. AD Sports 3 HD.

AD Sports 4 HD. AD Sports 5 HD. AD Sports 6 HD.

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Aflam 1. Aflam 2. Aghani Aghani TV. Ahel Al Quran. Ajyal HD. Aksyon TV. AL 3aela. Al Ahd. Al Ahly TV. AL Anwar. Al Aoula inter. Al Arabiya. AL Dawaeia. AL Diyar.

(New 2019) frequencies of Ethiopain TV on Nilesat - Nilesat

Al Ekhbaria HD. Al Forat. Al Gamaiya. Al Ghad Al Mushreq. Al Ghad TV. AL Hadath.

(New 2019) List de Frequences de Nilesat - Nilesat

Al Hayat. AL Hurra Iraq. Al Kahera Wal Nas. Al Masar.News at LyngSat :. SBC on Hotbird 13C. TV 9 on Belintersat 1. CT 2 on Belintersat 1. Mata Indonesia TV on Telkom 4. News at LyngSat Stream :. Mata Indonesia TV. Vyas Higher Education Channel. TV Sucesso. Lok Sabha TV. Nilesat at 7. Nile Education Channel.

ERI TV 1. Beladi Satellite TV. Alforat News. Alforat FM. Radio Zara FM. Dimtsi Hafash. Al Kahera Wal Nas.

etv frequency nilesat 2018

ERTU 1. Nile Family. Egyptian TV. Libya Al Wataniya. El-Quran El-Karim. Sout Al-Arab Voice of the Arabs. Iza'at Al Meniyah. Iza'at Marsa Matroouh. Iza'at Shamal Sina. Iza'at Janoub Sina. Maspero FM.

etv frequency nilesat 2018

Libya Alwatania Radio. Libya Sport FM. El Radio FM. Space Toon 1.

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CNBC Arabiya. Alsharqiya TV. Alhurra TV.

Nilesat - All Channels - All Frequencies - Update 2019/2020

Palestinian Satellite Channel.News at LyngSat :. Prima Love on Belintersat 1. FilmBox Family on Belintersat 1. FilmBox Premium Czechia on Belintersat 1.

Dajto on Belintersat 1. TLC Balkan on Belintersat 1. Qatar TV. Sout al Khaleej 2. Sout al Khaleej 3. Sout al Khaleej 4. Sout al Khaleej Europe.

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Qatar Radio. Holy Quran Radio Qatar. Radio Oryx. Radio QBS. Urdu Radio. Alhujja Satellite Channel. Awraas TV. Karamah TV. Alaraby TV. Saout Alaqila. Massaya TV. Dawacom TV. Kunuz Altabia TV.

Roqiaty TV. Al Masa.